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OLAP is useful for the vast business. It can process the huge queries at a very high speed and accuracy. In a vast business there are various departments like inventory, stock, sales, purchase etc. They are engaged with different type of activity and they can do the various type of job. They generate various queries. So it was a problem to process the huge queries accurately in small time. It makes query processing easy.

OLAP is the one which can process the vast queries at a very high speed accurately. It is the query processor with great accuracy. OLAP is popular nowadays. The businessmen are impressed about the OLAP. They are happy to get the OLAP. They can process the huge data and they can generate the report quickly. OLAP is helpful because they can generate the report very quickly. They are the report generator.

The reports are needed by the various departments of the business. They take necessary decisions in their daily jobs. They are getting benefit from the OLAP. The management is also benefited by the OLAP. They are eager to use OLAP. It is more convenient for them. It is a multidimensional query processor. It acts on different queries and generate reports. The different queries of the different departments are added to make the multidimensional queries and then it is given into OLAP as input. After getting the input it processes the data that is multidimensional queries very fast and accurately and generates the report.

OLAP is used to rearrange the data fast and process again. It can regenerate the reports again. It is indeed helpful for the businessman. For example a professional data analyst can arrange the name across the page and he can arrange year vertically on the page. After getting the query processed and generating the report the analyst can rearrange the data that is he can arrange the name vertically the page and years across the page and he can process the query and regenerate the process.

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